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Design and Substantiation

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Design and Substantiation

At Forth we design and manufacture to solve problems for industry.

Projects such as FSWBot are examples of where we receive a problem statement on an issue industry is facing and we design a solution using all our expertise and experience. The development of the first ever FSWBot, Friction Stir Welding Robotic Crawler for internal repair and refurbishment of pipelines, is designed to transform the way industries deal with pipeline issues.

Sponsored by Innovate UK, the project seeks to integrate several state-of-the-art technologies including friction stir welding, milling, patch deployment and ultrasonic NDT, onto a robotic system which can be deployed to conduct repairs on pipelines without the need for the pipeline to be closed down for the duration of the repair.

If successful, it is envisaged that the system could be further developed to carry out a range of repair and fabrication tasks.

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At Forth, we take that process all the way from concept to manufacture, designing, manufacturing, demonstrating that solution, substantiating the product, implementing, and if necessary, maintaining it.

We work collaboratively and are very open to working with others businesses and organisations, who are experts in their own field, to deliver a safer, faster and cheaper solution for industry.

We also offer rapid prototyping whereby industry has an immediate problem and we can quickly design a solution from a concept and prove that approach can fix the problem. We can then continue that process through full design and manufacture.

We also offer substantiation to the point that the product passes all the necessary certification tests, qualifications and legal requirements to do that task.

We can then implement the technology and offer ongoing maintenance support – so from concept to maintenance there’s the full product journey which Forth can provide. If any industry or organisation has such a problem, we would be delighted to hear from them to be able to help them with a solution.

We work closely with industry leaders in a wide range of sectors to help them deliver innovative and ground-breaking solutions to complex problems.
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