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CUTTING-edge innovative technology developed by world-leading company Forth Engineering helps businesses carrying out hazardous work to save time, money and lives.

Forth Engineering, which has developed a proven range of technologies successfully used in the UK nuclear industry, is looking at ways to help businesses and organisations in other parts of the world, and in other sectors, to use its innovations as a cost-efficient solution to their challenges on land or at sea.

Forth has been chosen to work on some of the UK’s most complex industrial challenges as part of the Government’s Innovate UK scheme.

These include developing a robot which will travel hundreds of miles down an oil pipeline to find and fix any defects while the oil is still flowing.

Now Forth wants to offer those technologies to other businesses, and organisations across a range of sectors including nuclear, oil and gas, renewables, and agriculture.

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Businesses have the opportunity to have the technologies and the robots adapted to provide solutions for their own bespoke needs.

Mark Telford, managing director of Forth, said: 

Robotic Solutions Opportunity Collaborate

“We have developed a range of robotic solutions for harsh environments which have been successfully used in the nuclear sector in the UK."

“There’s a fantastic opportunity for other businesses and organisations in the UK and across the world, whether that’s other nuclear operations, or oil and gas, renewables, agriculture, and perhaps areas we haven’t even thought of, to make use of that technology.

We are very keen to talk to any businesses or organisations who are faced with a challenge and discuss with them that there might be a better way"

“We are really keen to collaborate and would far rather businesses talked to us at an early stage and shared what their own particular issues are. That way we can see if we can work together to provide a solution.”

We work closely with industry leaders in a wide range of sectors to help them deliver innovative and ground-breaking solutions to complex problems.
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